How to Feature an Ad | Classifiedads4free

Article written by: Lawrence

Feature an Ad on Classifiedads4free will grant you the following features:

  • Randomly ride on the Featured Carousell at the front page and carousell pages
  • Randomly shown on right side of the login modal
  • Top placement listings in categories and search results
  • Highlighted listings in categories and search results
  • Hourly sent email to our database of users worldwide

Purpose: Featuring an ad on Classifiedads4free

Step 1: Go to your ad page and Locate the featured ad box with the paypal logo

Step 2: Select the period of feature and click on the paypal payment button

Step 3: You will be redirected to the confirmation page where you will confirm your featuring options and pricings

Step 4: Upon getting redirected to paypal, you will be required to login and make payment

Step 5: Upon confirmation, you will be brought back where a Green thumbs up will verify the success status of the payment.